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Contract Terms of Use

For Contract and Premium Service Terms

The following terms of use/service apply to the use of this web site's offered contract services. By making use of this web site, www.rmtp.ca, you agree to all of the following.  In the guidelines that follow the terms "site", "editor", "administrator"--and any other appellations that apply--refer to the web pages contained herein, the server on which they are available, as well as the entirety of the staff that manages said pages.  This means that a line that reads "the site holds no responsibility" should also be read that the staff of the site holds no responsibility either, etc.

It should also be noted that this set of guidelines constitutes a legally binding arrangement.  This means that should you use this site or subscribe to any publications or free services that may become available you must agree with these guidelines and accept all responsibility that they entail.  Should you not agree with these guidelines you should not make use of this site, or its services.  Also, ignorance is not an excuse to exclude you from being bound to this agreement.  If you enter into a contract with us without reading these guidelines you are still bound by them anyway.  To use this site and any of its contract services you must submit to these rules, no ifs, ands, or buts.

1.  Robert G. Male is the sole owner of R.M.T.P. Co. and any of its trademarks, registered or otherwise.  Furthermore, Robert G. Male owns full rights to everything on this site from the graphics, to the site design, to the content of the pages.  Copying of anything from this site is strictly prohibited and if discovered will be dealt with by all legal means available.

2. By using this site you accept the following terms:

  • This site holds no responsibility should its use cause any damages for loss of profits, goodwill, data or other intangible losses.  This site is available "as is" with no warranty.
  • This site maintains a strict privacy policy.  The privacy policy is available by clicking this link.  This privacy policy may be amended at any time without notice (even though that is an unlikely event).
  • Here is the most significant change for Contract Services

  • Should you be unsatisfied with the results of the work done for you under contract, R.M.T.P. will refund and return your money paid for such services.  Such a refund will occur in all cases that the unsatisfactory result cannot be fixed.  We will do our best to remedy any problems should they arise from coding defects, or stylistic detractors due to browser incompatibility, or any other problems that may crop up, at no additional cost.  We aim to please, but if that is not possible you shouldn't have to pay.  There will be no service charges or cancellation fees.
  • Any and all materials provided by you will remain your property.  All designs, design elements, and coding will remain the property of R.M.T.P. to be used again at our sole discretion.  Simply put, the creation of say a 'software trick' or a style of menus will not belong to you, we can and will use it again for a different customer / application, BUT at the same time your logos, your artwork, and your provided text / content will remain yours.

3. By using this site or contracting work with us you accept these rules by default even should you have not read this document because you have been notified that these terms must be read and accepted before entering a contract with us.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the proprietor at rmtp@batteredspleenproductions.com