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Web Designs by Robert G. Male

Pricing and Related Information

Pricing for the Design of your Webpages:

  • First three pages for $150 total
    (This is the minimum cost.)
  • Additonal pages beyond the minimum cost $15 each.
  • For every 15 pages the next five are free.
  • Major updates to existing pages cost $50 per 5 pages
  • Minor updates are free for the first three months.

Webpages include:

  • Complete design and layout to your specifications.
  • Safety encryption of data transferred during design.
  • Compression/resizing of your provided graphics.
Printer friendly versions cost +$10 per page for webpages.  Not everyone will require this option.

Additional Costs:

  • Web Hosting: a third party service.  Cost varies.
  • Domain Name: a third party service.  Cost varies.
See below under "Where Will my Site End Up?"

How Can I Pay?

  • Money Order
  • Cheque
  • Pay Pal (They accept major credit cards.)

Why 3 Pages?

The basic three page package includes either Introduction, Contact Page, and Privacy Statement, or Introduction, Contact Page and Location/Directions Page.  Of course if you are buying more than the minimum of three pages you may chose to drop the last page listed for each option (i.e. Privacy or Location pages).  However you need a Contact Page.  Nothing pushes people away from using your company site like a lack of information of who you are, your address, and your phone number or email.

Where Will my Site End Up?

The last part of setting up your website involves having it hosted somewhere.  For instance, this site is hosted by Bell Canada.  The files for this website are located on one of their servers.  There is a monthly charge for the service of hosting my site.

In addition I am paying for my own domain name (www.rmtp.ca).  The domain name is set-up by a registrar company that is seperate from the hosting service.  My domain name has a yearly cost.  Without a domain name your site would be just a number.

Some hosting services will give your site part of its name and you end up with something like "www3.sympatico.ca/bob.male/" for your site's name.  I can help you find hosting and domain name services in different price ranges, but I do not provide them.