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Explanation of
What I Do

What you can expect to find here is someone who knows what it takes to make a successful webpage.  My claim is not to make the most techologically advanced pages.  It is not to make the most feature laden pages.  What I will make you is a set of pages that will not push current and potential users away.  It is so easy to lose customer to bad design.

Design is the look, layout and feel of a webpage.  It is usability, user-friendliness, and practicality.  Development is the nuts and bolts programming of the webpage.  It is HTML, Java, Javascript, and XML.  Anybody can be trained to be a web developer.  It takes creativity and a sense of the esthetic to be a web designer.  Not everyone has that flair.  Not everyone has that artistic bent.

I cannot draw people to your page.  Only you can draw the people in with your content and the value that your company will bring to the users of your site.  Anyone who says otherwise is handing you a dream or is a marketing genius without peer.

So what do I really offer?  I offer the creation of a web site that fulfills the needs of a demanding web audience.  I offer insight, style, common sense, flair, and pages that are of value to the people who should find them most useful, your audience.  I do the same work for intranets/extranets.

Many of the design (as in the opposite of the discussed development) issues remain the same whether your site is used privately or publicly, such is the practical nature of design versus development.  What comes natural to a developer/programmer is not intrinsically the same for the average user or less technical members of your staff.  This hold true for both intranets/extranets and tradition web sites.

This is what I am offering you that you may not find elsewhere.  Of course this does not include any of the details of how I will acheive this and what you will need to give me to design your website.  For that information feel free to return to the main page and click the buttons for "What You Need to Do" and "What It Will Cost".