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Cyber-Knights on the Sidelines

Lord Coake created the order of Cyber-Knights to help defend what was (and in many places still is) a land in peril.  Heroes were needed to fight the seemingly unending tide of monsters, demons, and all too human despots.  Coake forged men, women, and later beings from other dimensions into heroes for the new world that was created by the Coming of the Rifts.  The difference might not have been huge but it was certainly visible.  Other heroes raised themselves from the ranks of the downtrodden, the oppressed, and the world began to change for the better.

Lord Coake refused to lend aid to the Kingdom of Tolkeen.  There was no reason to go to war.  They certainly did not try very hard to convince the C.S. they were no threat, in fact they try to match the Coalition step for step.  There is no lack of land on the continent, they could move instead of entering a long war guaranteed high casualty war.  Mostly though, Tolkeen has become as hate filled as the Coalition and just as eagerly plan for the day the C.S. lays in ruin.  Many see this final admonition as proof that Lord Coake is blinded by his own personal code of justice.  However, Erin Tarn herself has independently come to the exact same conclusion much to her own dismay.

Lord Coake and the half of the Cyber-knights that have remained loyal to him are not going to idly sit by and watch the war.  While they refuse to fight on Tolkeen's side or support the war effort they have not turned a blind eye towards the citizenry of the kingdom.  They will make every effort to help casualties, and to help anyone who wants outs to get away from the kingdom.  True to their code they will help the downtrodden, the oppressed, the innocent.  Civillians and refugees will be their priority.

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