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The Coalition of Humanity

The Coalition of Humanity, commonly referred to as the Coalition, Coalition States, or just the C.S., is humanity's best chance to survive complete extinction.  Whether that is true or just more propaganda remains yet to be seen but only if you place one modifier to the statement... "North America's humanity".  Humanity has survived and thrives in other places around the world: Britain, Germany, Russia, Japan, Australia, Brazil, and Argentina.  In fact Germany and Japan came through the Apocalypse nearly unscathed even though each is now embroiled in war with monster kingdoms.

The Coalition has risen above the tide of inhuman and monstrous creatures that have come through the Rifts.  They have claimed a significant mass of the continent for themselves (about one sixth, remember North America is huge) and protect it with immediate and deadly force.  It is because they are militant and highly organised that they have achieved so much in such a relatively short period of time (about one hundred years).  Even now they are moving towards the next violent expansion of their holdings in a pre-emptive bid to crush their nearest rival before it becomes too late.

It is their bloody crusade to stamp out the unnatural and unholy that is the cause for the Seige on Tolkeen.

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