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The Daemonix

In an alien dimension Tolkeen found a race of demons who would gladly defend the kingdom if only they would help the demons escape from their oppressive masters.  So Tolkeen organised for the demons to rift away from their home dimension to the Earth.  These demons, called the Daemonix are actually five distinct species, the Feculence, the Manslayer, the Immolator, the Hangdog, and the Basal.

The Daemonix are living P.P.E. batteries just like mages are except that they have no outlet for it.  They may be capable of casting spells but do not have the inclination thus far and there is too little time before the war.  So Tolkeen has done the best it could given the time and resources available.  They have armed the Daemonix with techno-wizardry weapons and devices turning them into techno-wizard cyborgs.

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