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Federation of Magic

The Federation of Magic is everything that the Coalition hates and fears about magic and the people who wield it.  It is corrupt, power hungry, and maniacal.  The Federation has been the Coalition's rival and hated enemy since the beginning.  Both were part of the same groups of survivors who banded together in the area for their mutual protection.  The Coalition does not blindly hate magic for no reason.  The Federation has given them every proof, every scrap of evidence they could ever need.

It is terribly ironic that now that Tolkeen has become very much like the Federation, the Federation of Magic refuses to send any significant aid to them.  The Federation is on the wrong side of the Coalition's territory to help significantly.  More importantly the Federation does not want to further incense the C.S. who has already nearly succeeded in stamping them out of existence.  Not to say the Federation would not dearly love to see the Coalition fall but for them now is not the time, not even with all of Tolkeen's efforts.

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