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Mannistique Imperium

The Mannistique Imperium is a nation built in the area where Lakes Superior, Michigan, and Huron meet.  They are a friendly rival of Ispheming which is just a stone's throw to the east.  What Northern Gun does not make the Imperium does: electronics, survival gear, ration kits, non-military vehicles, you name it.  The Imperium counts among its population d-bees and mutoids unlike Ispheming which is predominately human.  Education levels and literacy vary wildly throughout the nation.

The Mannistique Imperium has joined into the same deals and trade agreements with the Coalition as the Northern Gun.  They had less to gain from the removal of the Naruni and the move against Quebec had even less impact upon their sales figures than it did Northern Gun.  The Imperium however has more to gain from sales to the outlying C.S. areas than Northern Gun because the C.S. does maintain a military presence in the area but less on the civilian front.

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