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Ispheming?  Who the hell is that?  Ispheming is the home of Northern Gun.  OH!

Ispheming is a kingdom nestled on the bottom side of Lake Superior and is unarguably the biggest manufacturer of weapons, vehicles, and armour aside from the Coalition States.  A whopping 90% of all mercenaries, bandits, and independent kingdoms buy Northern Gun weapons and equipment.  Ispheming has been an independent nation for over 115 years.  Magic is not outlawed but is looked upon with much suspicion.  Most of the population is educated and there is an 80% literacy rate.

Ispheming and more importantly Northern Gun has entered into a mutually beneficial agreement with the Coalition.  Together the C.S. and N.G. went about ousting and destroying all instances of the Naruni (d-bees) selling machine and there is no way they will think of returning for a long time to come if ever.  Also Northern Gun has agreed not to sell anything to the state of Free Quebec now or in the future.  In return Northern Gun is allowed to sell to anyone else on the continent they wish to sell to, even known enemy nations and kingdoms of the Coalition including even Tolkeen.  As well the C.S. has opened up trade agreements that will allow Northern Gun to outfit outlying areas of the Coalition itself.

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