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Cyber-Knights Allied with Tolkeen

Cyber-Knights are the errant protectors of the weak and innocent.  Many are the tales of these men and women sweeping in when things look their darkest and saving the day.  They live to protect and serve.  Training in the ways of the knight and utilising both cybernetics and the feared and revered Psi-sword the Cyber-Knights are a bright shining light in the darkness of the world.  They symbolise everything that is kind and decent in the hearts of men (and d-bees, of which a few races are counted among the knights).

Approximately half of the Cyber-Knights have joined the war to fight on Tolkeen's side against the express orders of Lord Coake their leader, mentor, and creator of the order.  They have branded those who refuse to fight in the conflict as traitors to the ideals of the knighthood.  In turn they are considered well intentioned but hot-headed fools who see only with their hearts.

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