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The city of Lazlo is a place where all people of all races and ideals can live together in harmony with each other and with the world at large.  It is also a place of higher learning, both in magic and science.  When people look at Lazlo they see everything that a nation should be.  Tolkeen's light has dimmed but Lazlo still shines brightly (and has since before Tolkeen was born).  As of yet the Coalition has not declared Lazlo an enemy of the states.  They keep an eye on Lazlo but it is far enough away, quiet enough, and (politically) humble enough to be saved the ire of the C.S. war machine.  Lazlo is built upon the site of pre-rifts Toronto.

Lazlo has refused to join Tolkeen in its war for the same reasons as the Cyber-knights.  The war is unnecessary and the methods that Tolkeen are planning are as abhorrent or more than any the Coalition has ever devised.  Erin Tarn tried to convince Tolkeen's king to reconsider the war several times throughout the build up before the war but all of her arguments and finally pleas fell upon deaf ears.  Lazlo has one final reason for denying aid to Tolkeen's war effort;  they are about to embark upon their own war.

Lazlo has decided that something must be done about the scourge known as the Xiticix.  In a complete turn of face for every ideal the nation has ever stood for Lazlo has decided that the entire Xiticix species must be eradicated from the Earth.  Complete and utter genocide.  The consensus was made with very heavy hearts and much guilt.  The Xiticix must die before it is too late to stop them, before they take over the world.  There is no other way.  They cannot be reasoned with, they cannot and will not be contained, and they are relentlessly changing the planet at the cost of all other beings (even animals).

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