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The N.G.R.

The N.G.R. is the New German Republic.  During the Apocalypse Germany passed through mostly unscathed because of a strong lack of ley-lines in the country.  Not long afterwards though the country was besieged by monsters from the rifts, notably a nation of Gargoyles that mystically appeared relatively nearby.  The invaders were fought off and the New German Republic was born.  All throughout the dark ages and until the present day in the Post Apocalyptic calendar the N.G.R. has been in a long bloody war with the Gargoyles and their allies the Brodkil who have also built a smaller nation in the area.

The N.G.R. has friendly relations with the Coalition the two having been in contact during the last few years.  Embroiled in its constant war there is little that the Republic can do to help the C.S. but still they have sent an envoy of a few hundred men to North America to help as advisors, tacticians, and moral support who is intimate with war and its horrors and strains.

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