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Simvan Monster Riders

The Simvan Monster Riders are a race of tribal nomadic warm blooded lizard-men.  They are called the Monster Riders because they have an affinity with wild and often times otherwise dangerous animals that they use to "break" them for riding.  The monster most commonly associated with the Simvan is the Ostrasaurus, a smallish biped dinosaur common to the North American middle and west.

Only a few small tribes of Simvan have joined the Tolkeen war effort and that is only because the Coalition counts Psi-Stalkers among their ranks.  The Simvan and the Psi-Stalkers are mortal enemies who constantly battle over land and long ultra-violent fueds.  It is not even as if they are prey for each other even though the Simvan do eat intelligent humanoids.  The Simvan do not have a lot of P.P.E. since they burn it off early in life in the development of their phsychic animal abilities and are thus of little food value to the 'Stalkers.

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