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Psi-Stalkers are a dominant human mutation born seemingly in response to the rise of magic levels brought about by the Apocalypse.  They are psychic sensitives who prey upon creatures of magic and those who wield it.  They can feed by simply cutting the subject and draining the beings P.P.E. although often they enjoy killing the subject and getting the doubled P.P.E. that results at the instant of death.  Psi-stalkers can be identified easily by their complete lack of hair and the dark colouration around their mouths and eyes.

Psi-Stalkers fall into two camps, the Civilised Psi-Stalkers and the Wild Psi-Stalkers.  For years civilised 'Stalkers have been employed and have a second class citizenship within the Coalition.  They are almost exclusively the handlers of the infamous Dog-Packs, although they can and do have other positions within the Psi-Battalion.  The wild 'Stalkers on the other hand are a nomadic and tribal bunch.  They are direct competitors and bitter rivals to the Simvan Monster Riders.  Some of the small tribes will side with the Coalition particularly where the Simvan have sided with Tolkeen.

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