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The Kingdom of Tolkeen

The Kingdom of Tolkeen is a bastion of tolerance and mystic learning built upon the pre-rifts city of Minneapolis.  People of all races, religions, and magical temperaments are welcomed with open arms. The city of Tolkeen and it's sister Freehold the City of Dragons stand at the centre of the kingdom as bright shining examples that everyone can coexist on this Earth and it need not to belong to any specific species.  Now all of that is in extreme jeopardy.  The human supremacist Coalition is poised to stamp out the peaceful kingdom seemingly at all costs.  There is no choice but to fight back and protect the kingdom.

Tolkeen cannot face the Coalition on its own though.  The military might of the C.S. is too strong.  So ambassadors to the other magic kingdoms, Lazlo and The Federation of Magic, asked for help.  None was to be found though from these nations that were considered friends.  Both were too cowardly and weak to offer aid.  So Tolkeen has had to buy it's own allied armies.  To support its own army Tolkeen has enlisted the aid of mercenaries of all descriptions, each with the tying bind of hatred for the evil Coalition.

Still, fearing it may not be enough Tolkeen looks to the Megaverse for further assistance.

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