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Witchlings and Black Faeries

Witchlings are strange physics defying creatures of magic from beyond the rifts.  Black Faeries are some kind of twisted cousin to the true Faerie Folk.  If you want dark, vicious, and violent troops look no further than these two races of monster.  They put most of the so-called monster races to shame for monstrosity.  The Black Faeries in particular go out of their way to maim, kill, and destroy.  Both are vile hate filled creatures whose only purpose is the suffering and torment of others.

In desperation to survive against the advance of the Coalition army Tolkeen has enlisted the aid of many of these two foul races.  The Witchlings are good tacticians and work well with other monsters (men included) and the Black Faeries will do anything involving death and mayhem.  Better yet neither requires any equipping or maintenance and their aid comes very cheaply.  If there will be a greater price later it is yet to be seen.

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