Rifts Coalitions Wars

Meanwhile Elsewhere on Rifts Earth

In God's Name, They Used Weapons!

The sun rose above the mountains of the Alps.  "Aaaaaaaiiiiiiieeeeee!" rose a scream followed by another, "U-lu-lu-lu-lu-lu-lu-lu-lu!"


"Oh my gawd, ohmigod, RUN RUN RUN!" bellows a man to his five sons.

Three power armoured gurgoyles, and a gargoyle landed next to the barn, the gurgoyles having leapt down the mountain, the gargoyle gliding. "Pitiful human." snarls the gargoyle.

"All right boys!" yells the man.

The boys dodge into a rising metal portal to an underground bunker. The man runs for it as well as one of the gargoyles swings a huge plasma axe slicing him in half.  His legs progress a step without the rest of him, the top cleanly cut and seared shut.  The near wall of the barn explodes outwards as two Hunter Drones and four cyborgs leap through it.

The gargoyle turns and lets lose with a hand-held railgun at the leading drone putting gouges in its armour.  The four cyborgs momentarily stop and each fires a mini-missile from their right shoulder.  The gurgoyles dive for cover as the missiles shriek past and detonate three feet behind them.  They momentarily fly into the air from the concussive force of the blast and land heavily on their chests.  Taking their cue the drones fire their lasers at the less protected backs of the armour.  The gurgoyles struggle to get up as the gargoyle sprays the drones and cyborgs with railgun fire.  The ground flies up behind them where it missed and one of the drones' head is damaged.

The gurgoyles rush towards the cyborgs who scatter in a manoeuvre each firing a railgun burst back at the gurgoyles.  The drones drop their chainsaws down in place and advance on the gargoyle.  The gargoyle takes careful aim at the damaged drone and slags it's head.  The drone stops in its tracks and falls over.

The gurgoyle with the axe swipes at the nearest cyborg cutting deeply into its side.  The other fires an ion blaster point blank range at another cyborg melting a large crater in it's chest.  The two undamaged borgs turn synchronously in a bizarre parody of a pirouette vibro blades sliding from their right wrists and slicing at the gurgoyle's armour.  The other cyborgs lash out with ion blasters concealed in their chest neither hitting any target.  The gargoyle takes aim at the head of the other drone and wastes the left side of the head.  The drone retaliates taking the gargoyle in the shoulder with a flame-thrower mounted on it's flank.

The first gurgoyle steps backwards awkwardly swinging its axe in an arc just clipping its borg opponent.  The other fires again on the same borg creating a gaping hole in the metal chest.  The two borgs pirouette again cutting deeper this time, the other two retreating back a couple steps. The gargoyle lashes out with its claws and tremendous reach removing the rest of the drone's head.  The drone blindly launches itself at the monster.

Side-stepping the gargoyle trips the headless drone.  The drone pitches forward its chainsaw slicing into the earth like a knife into butter. The gurgoyle swings the axe again connecting with the forearm of the borg almost slicing it off.  Desperate the borg fires a mini-missile from it's left shoulder.  The front of the gurgoyles power armour is half obliterated by the blast.  The borg, the gurgoyle and the other borg in mid pirouette are thrown backwards from the explosion.  The other gurgoyle stabs its free hand into the hole of the borg it's vibroclaws buzzing.  The borg behind the gurgoyle stabs at the gurgoyle and penetrates the armour without apparently hitting the stone-like flesh inside.

With a crashing like thunder a huge twenty foot robot steps out from behind the barn both mini-railguns firing and a large mini-missile shrieking through the air.  The missile hits the gargoyle and explodes in concentrated shockwaves knocking the beast to the ground several feet away.  The railgun rounds strike the gargoyle before it stops skidding along the ground.  The gargoyle struggles to stand as the damaged bot swipes out blindly with it's chainsaw tagging the gargoyle's ankle slicing deeply into it.  The fallen borg struggle to get upright.  The gurgoyle amongst them sits dazed.  The other gurgoyle struggles to tear its claws out of the borg as its second borg assailant drives its vibroblade into the shoulder joint of the gurgoyle's power armour.

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