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Coalition Independence Day
P.A. 103 Somewhere in Lone Star city.

"Happy Coalition Independence Day to you handsome.  Want to help me celebrate?" she said running a hand along his cheek, looking deep and fearlessly into his dark troubled eyes.

No one, no stranger anyway, ever looked him in the eye for more than a second.  They always looked away, an expression of fear in their own eyes.  But here this woman was, tall, lithe, long honey coloured hair, doing it.  When she touched him he felt a ripple of electricity move through him.  It almost frightened him until he realized what it was.  It wasn't something he'd ever really had a chance to experience.  Not for lacking of trying was this the way it was.  He frightened people, and could not for the life of him find a way to soften his image, to take away the burning passion, the immense hatred for his old masters, and for others like them.

But again he thought, here was this woman.  Maybe she knew something about him, like she was psychic and knew him for what he was.  The Coalition was strict about the behaviour of psychics within its borders.  But if someone as magically inclined as himself could join in the day's festivities he'd supposed that the psychics might too.  The only catch was if she was offering what he thought she was offering then this was a potentially dangerous situation.  Psychics were not allowed to be doing such things with other, 'normal' humans.  But that was only an excuse was it not?  For he was not a human, nor normal according to their rules.  So it was no more dangerous than his being there.  Dogboys and Psi-stalkers were not to be seen, at least not in uniform.  They all greeted him the same way that they greeted everyone else.  But he was sure were he to do something, or someone else of that 'sort' they would come crashing down on him.  He could tell by the clothes they wore that they were in 'plainclothes' armor.  No doubt neural maces and vibroes were present, just out of plain sight waiting for someone of his sort to come and cause trouble.

She continued to look at him, her eyes slowly sliding from his to get a better look at him.  He smiled.  She saw this and her own widened a bit.  Speaking before he could check himself he said, "Why that sounds like a good plan if I've ever heard one.  Where do you want to celebrate?"

"I know this little spot, it's called The Grill, we could have a couple drinks, a little something to eat, get to know each other.  <He nodded.> I also know another little place we could go after, get to know each other a bit more, watch the fireworks too." she answered.

He extended his arm to her.  She slipped her arm around his and she led the way down the street.  They passed C.P. and Rad, who stopped them only long enough to say hello.  As they passed C.P. gave him a wink.  The honey haird woman introduced herself as Mary Reagan.  She was a hospital worker, ER.  Brynn told her he was a scout on his way north through Lone Star and gave his real name, seeing no reason to hide it having no ID on him to prove anything one way or another.  It was slowly starting to sink into him that this was by far the bravest thing he had ever done.  His escape, the pitched battle with Gawd, the run-ins with the Metzla were nothing in comparison to the fear, and the excitement he was feeling.  That electric feeling was staying with him too, he felt charged in a way he had never known before.  This was really all so new to him.  He hoped that it wouldn't show.  He realized that for the first time he was on the razor sharp edge of panic.  He struggled to bring his emotions into their normal dull contrast, but the vibrance would not be vanquished.

They pulled up short in front of a small business place, a fresh sparkling clean window showed the inside filled with tables and chairs and happy patrons.  There were several small and large tables scattered here and there which were empty.  She pulled him through the door.  Inside a man stood awaiting them.  She slipped him a cred coin and pointed to a small table near the back along the side.  The man nodded and lead them to the table.  The food was excellent and the service good.  He wondered only brielfy if these people were slaves, but reminded himself that the only thing which enslaved the humans was money, and only in such 'civilized' places as the Coalition.  He and Mary talked about this and that, that and this.  They had three or four drinks, real alcohol, a specail Independance day treat.

When the bill came Brynn insisted on paying it.  She would have nothing of it.  Finally he gave in, feeling guilty that he didn't try hard enough.  Afterall he knew that he had almost three million cred and nothing really to do with it all.  But he kept his peace not wanting to alert anyone's suspicions, least of all that of the restaurant's management.

Out on the street again, the sun was startng it's long descent towards sunset.  It would be a long time until that occured but the day was slowly passing on.  She looked at him expectantly, smiling.  He looked back, then clueing in he gave her his arm again.  They walked down the street past other store fronts and restaurants.  There were a lot of people about.  All of them were dressed in their bests, bright colours, blinding whites, wild mixes of weird hues.  Everyone was happy, smiling, laughing, joking.  Despite his usual self Brynn smiled and nodded to people that they passed.  As they walked she slipped her arm out of his and put it instead around his waist.  Feeling it the natural thing to do with his greater height he put his arm around her shoulder.  She turned and smiled at him and then laid her head on his shoulder.  She was tall, at least six foot.  He smiled, this was turning out to be a wonderful day.

They came to a very unremarkable corner and she said to turn left and follow it west.  So they did and a few minutes later they came to a tall buildng, at least six stories.  Beside the front door a keypad was built into the wall.  She pressed a few buttons and spoke to the pad, "Mary Reagan, Apartment 314." The door opened on its own and they stepped through.   It immediately closed behind them.  Inside stood a cool, air conditioned lobby with large puffy chairs and small short tables.  A pair of older men were sitting at a game of some kind sitting on a table between them.  Mary led him to the elevator and they went up to the third floor.  Brynn was absolutely gawking.  This place, a domocile, even for many, was a miracle almost beyond his belief.  He looked at everything for the first time and it was almost too much for him.

She looked at him and he looked back and said, "This is some place."  Then he continued, "I'm not used to this is at all.  I know about robots, and computers, and a lot of other technology but common things like this, well I've never seen or been near half of them.  I move around a lot, but never before through a city like this."

She said to him, "Well I'm glad to be the first to bring you to these things then.  Glad to make this the most memorable that I can for you."

Coming to a door she broke free and turned to him.  His eyes asked her what now? Then she kissed him, long and deep.  At the insistance of her tongue he opened his mouth for her.  When their tongues met Brynn was sure he'd been electrocuted.  It was so electric.  And it was so unbelievably good too.  She broke off and turned to unlock the door.

She swung open the door standing aside to let Brynn in.  He stood looking in at the black and white decor, at the large entertainment system, at the other modern conveniences.  She gave him a gentle shove into the livingroom.  She flopped down into a soft, fluffly looking, couch and motioned for him to sit next to her.  He did.  "You've never been in a place like this have you? <He shook his head in agreement, his smile fading a little.> Have you ever done anything like this before?  <Again the same decline.> You've no experience with women do you?  <Seeing the look on his face she told him.>  But that's a good thing, at least I think it is, for me anyways.  This way I can keep you from picking up certain bad habits.  This way it's more special... special because I get to give you an amazing experience for your first time, and special because you decided to let me be the first..."

He smiled and kissed her the way she had him at the door.  By pure instinct his hand slid down from her shoulder and grasped one of her firm, perky breasts.  It was so yeilding, and soft to the touch, utterly unlike anything he had ever touched before.  He felt his body respond to the sensations from his hand.  Her hand slid up his thigh until it was in between both thighs cupping him, stroking him gently through his pants.  He twisted and leaned into her, pressing her back into the folds of the couch.  He could feel his heart start to beat faster and faster, his breath came short and heavy in between kisses.  He felt as if he were going to explode, maybe he would, but it would be from pleasure, it would be from ecstacy.  Her hands fumbled with the first button of his pants, then the second, the third and the last.  

She stopped and pulled away from him, pulling her shirt over her head, along her hair and then tossing it to the floor.  Next went her brassiere.  She stood and pulled him up off the couch.  He slipped out of his pants before she lead him into the adjoining bedroom.  There she lay him down.  She took him in her hand and he felt himself leak, she ran her finger through it, spreading it in circles around his tip.  She kissed him as he began to shudder.  Swallowing hard and trying to regain a modicum of composure he took a more active roll.  He rolled over to his side and she lay facing him.  He took a breast in each hand, thumb to nipple, he marvelled at how stiff and erect they were, and how wonderful they felt.  He wondered what it would be like to lick them.  Her lips parted from his and she moved up the bed until she was pressng a breast in his face.  He eagerly took it, running his tongue over the nipple, making her moan.  He shifted his head and did the same with the other.

She reached down and took his hand bringing it to the springy trianlge patch of her pubic hair.  She guided his hand between her thighs into the moistness there.  It was wet and slick, he ran his hand along the cleft of her womanhood.  When he reached a spot nearing the top she moaned loudly.  He ran a finger back and forth over this spot gently making her gasp and breath even harder.

She pushed him over onto his back and got to her knees.  She straddled him.  Taking his member in her hand she ran its head between the lips of her vulva, back and forth, back and forth.  Brynn had that feeling of being near explosion again.  Then with a deft movement she slipped down onto him.  He moaned as she engulfed him within herself.  It was so warm, and wet.  Then when she began to rise and fall on him he felt the room grow dark.  He moved in counter point to her and looked at the expression of joy on her face.  He reached up and took her breasts, squeezing her nipples in sync with every fall.

She dropped down on him and whispered in his ear, "Roll over with me."  Not doing to bad a job their positions were reversed and his legs were outside of hers.  He thrust slowly and smoothly in and out of her, kissing her as he did so.  She began to squeal, biting back screams.  Her hands were all over his face and his shoulders, then finally his back where she ran her fingers like claws across him.  She didn't dig, which was good because it felt nice.  She bit carefully at his lip.  He turned his face as she kissed across his cheek.  She nibbled on his ear then finally stuck her tongue into it.  The electricity returned and he moved in and out of her more forcefully as he began to feel a fire spread down there.  The fire grew and increased in intsensity and he didn't feel he could contain it.  He felt himself release, in waves, shooting out of him.  The fire reached its penultimate and then crashed down and away.  He was dimly aware as this happened that she had screamed several times, louder each time, and her hands raced along his back hard and harder.  He slowed and stopped, letting his weight down on her.  She whispered to him, "Hold me."

He did.  Her held her close kissing her tendly then resting his head on her shoulder as he tried to catch his breath.  He could feel his trip-hammering heart slow down a little at a time as his breathing did.  She was the same.  "Okay Brynn, you're getting soft, pull out and roll over."

He did.

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