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Overview of the Coalition

Slick speaks in what you have come to know as his story telling voice.  From what can be gathered from what he says he is a bit of an amatuer historian.  He says, "So a bunch of people got together in an area near Old Chicago, you know, the ruins... well maybe you don't know but anyways, trust me it's a place near where we are going to.  So these poeple gathered and they decided that they would pick an area to set up their village.  They would have went back to Chicago but something did not feel just right there.

They went about the chores and rigors of building the village.  They erected simple lodges first then went about building actual houses and such.  Soon they prospered and others joined them. The village grew into a town, then a city as large towering buildings were built.  The city prospered and grew, and grew.  Soon they made trade agreements with other places like the small Lone Star city, and others.

Then from these unions came the Coalition.  A coalition of humans, for humans, in a world of monsters and unknowns.  Then the Chi-Town Fortress was built and became the seat of the Coalition.  Karl Prosek headed up the military part of the Coalition.  He drove them forward, he put a stop to the wanton destruction of human villages by the beast of the wilds.  Thus came the C.S. troops, the human crusaders against the monsters.

Now today the Coalition's power is the military and Karl Prosek is the Emperor of the Coalition States: Chi-Town, Lone Star [in Texas], Iron Heart [Sudbury], the Free State of Quebec, and Missouri.

<Slick's voice turns hard.> That is the propoganda my friends.  The people of the Coalition gathered together out of fear.  The monsters were terrible, the only way to survive was to band together and pray for survival in numbers.  Chi-Town rose and fell twice before it established itself as the city.  The military was always in control, always will be a long as the rifts are opening.

If you noticed I said humans banded together for humans, that means only pure humans... no mutants, no D-Bees, no magic users, they barely tolerate psychics either unless they are Coalition lackeys or not harmful.  If you aren't human they throw you aside, or kill you. They let you die at the hands of monsters, they hunt you down!  The saviour of mankind is the scourge of all else!  <More calmly.>  Well listen to me eh? Getting all flustered about a story.  The point is that once we are in Coalition territory do not expect much help, sympathy, or anything else.  Prosek and his son feed the people lies, tell them that all non-humans are dangerous. The Prosek's keep them uneducated and feed them their propoganda over and over until they become cold and heartless to all non-humans.

Erin Tarn said it best when she wrote, "My feelings are that the C.S. government under the maniacal rule of self-proclaimed Emperor Karl Prosek is totally corrupt.  The city is a 'den of iniquity.'  But they are _the_ human force on the continent, and the greatest in technology."

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