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The Truth and the Lies

You have stated mistrust of non-humans rather than prejudice.  You have seen all of the News Serials.  You have seen his many works of removing true menaces, of bringing more communities, and kingdoms under the wings of the Coalition.  You know that he has radically changed the Coalition, in many cases for the better.  It is a united nation, millions strong, a refuge for mankind on the continent.

However, you also know of the squallor, poverty, and decaying spirit of the Burbs within which you have spent much of your life.

Truth about the Burbs: The people have hope of becoming Coalition citizens and eventually making their way into the fortress.  This hope is however fruitless for the most part.  Only very few will be allowed citizenship, then they will progress to the next ring of the city.  In the meantime these people rot in a hell hole. Crime runs rampant, there are insidious monsters stalking the people.  The Psi-stalkers and Dogboys try to help most of the time but they very often fail being undermanned and underpowered.  Some of them are corrupt and extort money, confiscate it or just take it, sometimes they offer protection but not always.

The stench can be overpowering, the filth is everywhere, on the ground, in the air, even in some cases in the people's souls.  But it's safer than the wilderness, you don't have to live in constant fear, the monsters are few in numbers and handleable if not.  But it's home.  You may dream of someplace better but you know deep down there isn't any, not yet.  That is what keeps the hope alive, the Coalition wants to make the world or at least their section of it a better place.  Also if the Coalition will not protect you, the Black Market will for a price.  In a way they are like the maffia of old, they look after their own, and for a nominal fee you can be one of their own.  The difference is that the Black Market will not force it on you, there are more marketable things than that.

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