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Emperor Karl Prosek

Emporer Karl Prosek is the leader and military mastermind of the Coalition.  Karl Prosek is a power hungry leader who had risen up through the old government to achieve a high position within it.  Eventually he was able to acquire such a high degree of influence that he was able to manipulate and shape the government in his own vision.  This shaping also established him as the directing/controlling force behind the Coalition.  Each deft move only enhanced his position and power.  Recently (Year 97 P.A.) "Chairman" Prosek has successfully taken over the government (without the slightest opposition) and proclaimed himself "Emporer".

Karl Prosek is a powerful and capable leader with a head for strategy and tactics both in military and political arenas.  He is a quick thinker, resourceful and cunning.  His keen mind and unrelenting nature make him a formidible foe and strong leader.  He has meticulously and intelligently arranged the power structure of the government and the social, economic structure to support his position of power, as well as having won the hearts and minds of the people 100 percent.

The Emporer is a slim healthy man in his late 50's.  His dark hair is full but greying at the temples, which seems to add to his striking appearance.  His wife and youngest son were killed years ago during a terrorist attack by the Federation of Magic.  His sole surviving heir is his eldest son, Joseph Prosek II, named after his famous grandfather (Karl's father).

Joseph Prosek II

Joseph Prosek II is the heir apparent to the throne of the Emporer, although it will be a decade or two before his father will step down or die.  Currently, he is his father's right hand man, a capable administrator, good tactician, excellent strategist, and thinks quickly on his feet.  With more experience, he will exceed his father as the manipulator supreme and has already been instrumental in winning the hearts and minds of the people.  Having won them, they are now his to control for the next generation or two.

Joseph is often seen in the company of his father or one of their trusted generals.  Neither Prosek is seen in public without an entourage of guards and assistants.

Final Notes from Bob

As we can see, the Coalition is a long standing thing, not just a little out of nowhere dream. The Coalition has been around for a while. Year P.A. 78 Prosek is Chairman-Elect. Year P.A. 100 Emporer Prosek has been in power 3 years. It is now P.A. 105 and the anniversary of Prosek's elevation to Emperor is not far off (November 28, Thanksgiving.  See Also Holidays).

Both of the Prosek's are many things to many people.  To his people Emperor Prosek is a god and saviour, an all-American (as the old saying goes), truly a man to look up to.  He is all of these things, he is courageous, he wants the best for his people, he is smart, a near perfect specimen of a man, he truly is almost god-like, like Abraham Lincoln, Arnold Swartzenneger, and Ted Koppel all rolled into one.  Joseph Prosek II is his father's son, no doubt about it. Already he is respected, and revered by the people as much as his father.

BUT there is a dark side to both of them.  They both lust after power and are building a dream of an Empire spanning all of North America and beyond.  A place where humans are safe from monsters, famine, death, magic and non-humans.  Karl Prosek and Joseph Prosek II are the modern day Hitler.  Only the true race of Earth, humans, shall prosper, all others must perish.  As with Hitler their path seems noble, but it is not.  It could be considered one of the 'seven holy paths to Hell'.

The people are prejudiced, ignorant and hateful.  Emporer Prosek is their Jesus, perhaps to the educated he is a twisted parody, but it still makes him no less a saviour.  What it all becomes is the age old question, "Do the ends justify the means?" Now you see why the propoganda is so efficient, it is couched in half-truths based upon the peoples ignorance.  One last thought, but even if they knew the truth would they still want to remove him?

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