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At the Circus

Kry flew through the air, his hair furled out behind him.  He snatched the bar of the trapeze with one hand, spun around it twice then launched himself, hair flying, at the last bar.  His hand grazed the bar and he fell.  Vori gave a short squeal, then grasped him with her mind and carefully sat him on the ground.  "'Phant feces" he swore.

"You can't forgot you're not some kind of mutoid Kry.  There are limits you have, and it looks like you've met them." retorts Vori.

"I did it before, I just misjudged it this time.  You didn't see me before." answers Kry sullenly.

"Mall told you not to practice without a spotter, now didn't he?" says Vori trying to berate him, but failing as he turns and walks back to the ridged pole.

Voli grabs him mentally and hefts him into the air.  She spins him upside down then approaches.  He reaches around behind his back feebly trying to grab her.  She slaps his taut backside hard and says, "Don't toy with me Kry, it's not nice to toy with family."

"Voli?" asks a small child.

"Yes Tasha, I'm playing with Kry, would you like to join me?" responds Voli.

The little girl gropes forward and puts her hand in the middle on Kry's back.  Kry grasps her wrist and gently pulls her around to his face.  He lets go.  She reaches out and lays her hands upon his face.

He mumbles to her, "Would you like to get Voli to put me down?"

She laughs, "Your face is warm, no I like you upside down, you're right for this!" She leans forward and places a sloppy kiss on his nose. To this he snuffles loudly.  She giggles loudly then scrambles up his body to sit upon his feet.  "Maybe I should make this part of my act." she says.

Vori responds, "No, you'd unbalance yourself.  Last thing we need is an unbalanced blind knife thrower.  Speaking of which, where is your mother?"

"She was talking to Mr Mall last I heard." replies the girl.

"You still calling him Mr? We don't call you Miss Tasha." says Kry.

"Well..." replies Tasha unconvinced.

Kry tosses her a couple inches in the air where Voli suspends her.  At that moment Mall comes in wearing his ring master's suit, on his heels is Sandi.  Seeing Voli, Sandi rushes forward and tackles her.  Sandi squeals and smiles from ear to ear.  Voli says accusatorily, "Sandi, you little Orang', do you think I'm a bana'?"

The auburn orangutan smiles even wider and wraps its long arms around her neck as he lifts himself off the ground.  He twists around to look at Kry, then points a finger and laughs at him.  "Alright Voli, put me down, fun's fun."

Sandi grins and vigourously nods his head.  Voli lets Kry go and he falls down in a heap.  Sandi drops to the ground and rushes over to untangle the profusion of limbs.  Sandi looks down at Kry's face and smiles.  Mall laughs loudly at all present.  Voli walks closer to Mall and Mall pulls her in close.  Sandi ambles over and climbs up to sit on Mall's shoulders, legs wrapped around to the front.  Kry sits up. "Sure, pick on the human." he complains.

Voli shrugs her shoulders.  At this moment Cara comes in knives strapped everywhere on her equisitely curved body.  Mall looks at her appreciatively.  "You know, I don't even need to be sighted to know what expression is on your face Mall.  Even if I'd never met you before I'd know.  You're that see through." she speaks.

"Ho ho can you know.  I think you probably see better than the rest of us.  You're a warrior, better than any man who can or cannot see.  It's in the genes, and you like to flaunt it." he says smiling.

She nods her head and returns the smile.  He looks towards Voli briefly and in the intervening seconds Cara slips forward and places the point of a knife at his neck.  "And don't you forget it." she says before planting a kiss on his cheek.

Sandi claps his hands together and ambles over to her.  She reaches down and picks him up to put him on her shoulders. He places his hands on her bald head and then rests his head upon them.  Voli sighs then says, "All one big happy family.  It's no wonder they always want to run away and join the circus.  So, Mall, where to after tonight?"

"Well," begins Mall stopping to think, "I guess we'll head north to just outside of Lone Star.  I want to see about picking up some dogs, real ones, not the mutants."

"Aw Mr Mall, can't we get a big one to carry me around? And fetch things?" asks Tasha impetuously.

"Now Tash", responds Cara until Mall cuts her off.

"No, it's okay Cara, what do you need a mutie for to do that, any labbie, or spaniel can do that! And cost us less.  Besides, those dogs are smart, they think like you and me, maybe we'll get one and you can fetch things, for him!" says Mall ending with a laugh.

Tasha gives him a dirty look, which Sandi mimics from Cara's shoulder. The orangutan tumbles off of Cara landing on his feet and walks over to Tasha, and puts an arm around her shoulders and pulls her close like Mall holding Voli.  Cara then sidles over to Kry and puts an arm around him.  And they all laugh, with Tasha and Sandi ringing out loudest. Mall then breaks the silence ensuing after, "Well, I suppose we should all start preparing for the show.  Probably have a big crowd being last night and all."

With that Mall turns and leaves.

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