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Overview of the Kingdom of Lazlo

Lazlo is the cultural and educational center of non-Coalition North America.  It is built upon the remains and ruins of pre-Rifts Toronto, Ontario.  All races and religions are welcome.  Magic is practiced openly, and no one is an outcast.  The city is powered by a huge rift on the lakeshore nearest to the ancient financial centre.

Lazlo has thus far avoided confrontation with the Coaliton.  C.S. Officials do view the kingdom with suspicion and more than a little disdain but as long as they keep their mouths shut and remain peaceful no action will be taken against them.  Lazlo is close to the C.S. State of Iron Heart [near Sudbury] so they know they are being watched closely.

When asked about the financial state of the kingdom the relpy is: "There aren't too many places in the city where people are homeless, or poverty stricken, but we do get people coming in from different places looking for sanctuary and a good hot meal.  Some just stay a couple nights then leave but most are refugees from impoverished towns out in the wilderness, or survivors of an attack that destroyed their village.  We help as many as we can, but there are always some we are forced to turn away after a week or so.  We would like to set up something for them, but funds are low considering the build up for our on coming war with the Xiticix."

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