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The Lazlo Tour Part 1

"Hey, Slick here welcoming you to the great city of Lazlo!  It's a true City of Wonders! And I'm going to give you a tour of it.  So I think we'll start off with..."

Kylgor interrupts, "I am fascinated by the thought of a city being powered by a nexus point.  If it is not much trouble for everyone else, I would like to view this wonder of technology and magic."

"Troublesome ain't you?", Slick rebuts, "Who do you belong to?   Nevermind I didn't ask. As I was going to say <he glowers at the demonic looking bot> before I was interrupted we're going to see the Power Grid."

Klygor seems unaffected by the treatment he has just received, most likely considering the source of it.  Slick is a scruffy looking fellow, kind of a slimy look to him (he's not slimy but looks like your average scumbag), yet underneath it all he seems to be a handsome looking man.  He's wearing a short pale grey robe that reaches to his knees and his elbows.  Underneath the robes he's wearing something made out of a smooth looking dark blue material that looks thick and stiff although not coarse.  The material extends down to his ankles and wrists.  At the ends it has simple thin cuffs that are embroidered in a gold colour.

<With more of the tact previously seen Slick continues>  "As our friend here pointed out the city is powered by a rift, a big one on the other side of the city and it is techno-wizardry that makes it all possible.  We'll see the rift basically at the end of the tour, as we started on the wrong side of the city to view just that."

Brisce stands just three feet off to the left of Slick and is looking intently at him.  He talks on without noticing.  She has a look on her face that is kind of hard to read, either she likes him, or she thinks he is scum and not to be taken at his word.  "So we should be on our way, none of this lolli-gagging." <and Slick starts off>.

He leads the way down a wide street.  There are squat one story houses on either side with slightly inclined roofs that slant away from the street.  They all look the same as if they were built at the same time by the same person. The only difference is the colours, they are in a range of light pastel greens and blues, with the occasional pale lemon yellow, or pinkish fleshtone color.  The colours seem odd, Slick explains that the outlying areas try and blend in a little bit so as to not be terribly obvious if viewed from the sky.  People are out in the street doing everyday chores such as landscape maintenance and laundry, a couple young men are tinkering with a hover car, and kids are playing out in front of a lot of the houses.

Maxwell booms "EXCUSE ME, OOPS LET Me turn this thing down...  Sorry, um Slick, is there anyplace I can leave my Max with someone?  I mean I don't think it's normal to be walking down the street in this big clanking contraption of mine."

"You think it's not normal?" he replies, "Do these people look bothered to you?   Are they running in fear, or waving about weapons threatening you?   No they aren't.  When we get into the city proper there will be a place to leave your bot, but till then...   They're used to this kind of thing although you are a wee bit more of a weirder group than usual <he eyes Kylgor> after all we got a Juicer, two people in Hopper, a dragon, a demonic bot, and this tough guy here..."

Everybody turns to look at the man in the plain clothes.  He has no apparent weapons on him, no armor, and no gear, just a travelling robe. Maxwell speaks first while the others scrutinize the fellow, "Well now, I never noticed before but all you got is the clothes on your back.  Why's that?"

"I barely had time grab a robe, and you're expecting me to have weapons and things?  I didn't come by choice, one minute I was meditating the next thing I know I just have to go to a ley-line." is his response.

Brisce speaks up, "Why didn't you think of that Max of the U-max (she pronounces it oo-max))?   Did you have time to get things?  I don't think so.  I was actually doing something when it happened, just fly-hopping along when all of a sudden I had this urge to go to a ley line.  <She looks disdainful at the mention of ley line>  Do you always shoot of your mouth like that?"

"Now you listen to me if you know what's good for you missy, only my friends get to call me Max and if you call my PA an Oo-max again I'll belt you with it, if anything call it a U-Max (he pronounces it carefully You-max).  Is that understood?"

The Juicer steps in again, "Are you two finished?   Do you mind not making fools of yourselves in front of our host."  He has a glazed look to his eyes and seems exaggeratedly calm.  "Now however I agree with Maxwell... unh-uh listen to me Brisce, it does seem odd that he seems not worried in the least by being among strangers with weapons <he shows his laser rifle>, and being tested by a powerful D-bee who I'm not even going to pretend to understand.  So I want to know just why this is so.  Is he more than meets the eye?"

Slick and Brisce look at him then at each other and shrug their shoulders.  "Well nothing out of the ordinary that I can sense," says Slick, and Brisce nods in agreement.

"Yeah well I'd like to hear him tell us a bit of why he's here and not just left, if he's normal as you say?"

Kylgor casually strolls up beside the man to get a better look.

Robbie shrugs and stares at the Juicer.  "I never claimed I was normal, or what I appear. I just mentioned that I have no guns because I didn't have time to get them."

"Well what is that supposed to mean?" Asked Rad (the juicer) as he leapt at the man.

Whhhiiiiirrrr.  Smash.  Rad crashed to the ground failing his twist in mid air to avoid being struck by the U-Max.  He jumped up upon hitting the ground and turned on Maxwell.  "What the shock do you think you were doing?  You coulda hurt me.  You wanna go now big man?  Step out of your bot and I'll teach you humility."

"Now, now Rad my boy, just comp down will ya?  Gee, you complain about Brissy and me and then you go jumping an unarmed man.  Cripes man, you sure know when to stick it to a guy don't you?"

"Sorry, but I was trying to do something of use here and test this guy out.  You didn't see him do anything when C.P was pulling the cred stunt did you?  No of course not."

"So..." said Slick, "What's the story?  Do we leave him be or not?   I say we get him to answer a few questions."

Picking up Brisce adds, "Yeah like where he came from.  Where exactly did you come from?"

Robbie turns to Maxwell and says, thanks to the U-Max wielder who saved him before turning to the others.  "If trust is not possible in this group, we will have quite a difficult time fulfilling our quest. I do not understand why you trust the well-armed and obviously dangerous members of the group yet are unwilling to trust me.  Well, I am unarmed, as you can see.  I did not attack CP because I am unarmed, doesn't that make sense?"

He pauses to look at everyone questioningly.  Since no one says anything, he continues: "I came from a long way away from here.  Another dimension, I suspect.  And when I get to spend my money, I will be better-armed and then I will fight with you."

"I told you!" says Slick.

Rad responds to this: "You said he 'seemed' to be normal.  You did not say that you were certain, nor did Brisce.  So tell no more of these lies, or I'll be forced to take action.

"Now you listen here," butts in Maxwell, "You're getting a might ornery about all of this.  You step in there between me and Brisce saying how petty we are <Rad shifts from his left foot to his right then to both feet ready to move.> ... whoa, down boy!  You just stay calm now, I don't care what you got pumping through your body I'll take you down a few pegs right here and now."

Brisce jumps into the argument, "He does have a point there Rad, you were pretty hard on him for being rude to me..."

Maxwell interrupts, "Now just a minute there missy, I wasn't rude to you, you can't be rude to your Dogboy now can you?   <Her face turns a bright scarlet and her lips curl up in a vicious snarl.>  Whoa-ho I see I hit something there.  You get friendly with your pack?   Is that it, you get off with your..."

"Why you..." Brisce interjects.

Rad speaks up to heard over the swearing of Brisce, "Would you mind keeping to the argument at hand here you two?   I don't care if you tear each others throats out but wait your turn.  I want to know about our friend here and I think that is more important than who she sleeps with."

Kylgor looks at the arguing people one at a time until they stop speaking and all is silent.  He then speaks into the minds of all assembled. "I am growing tired of your petty bickering with each other.  This man who stands before us was summoned in the same manner as the rest of us. Which means that Counter Point has found him to be worthy of assisting us on this mission.  It matters not where his proficiencies lay.  What kind of person he is shall be revealed in time.  I for one welcome his aid without question, as I do with you all.  But if you continue to behave in this petty manner, then it will become necessary to find a different way to finish this job without your help.  I hold no ill feelings to any of you, so may we please continue with the matters at hand?"

With that said, he turns to Slick and asks him, "Please continue with this magnificent tour."

Rad crosses his arms over his chest, Brisce looks sullenly at her feet, and all is silent from Maxwell.

Slick picking up on the sudden silence starts in again, "Okay now we were headed into the city so let's go." <He marches forward and everyone follows.>

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