Rifts Coalitions Wars

Campaign Info

The Players' Groups

The player groups represent a small sampling of the mercenaries hired by Tolkeen to defend it from the Coalition onslaught.  Most of the mercenary armies have joined up with the kingdom of Tolkeen out of a desire to battle, and conquer the mighty Coalition army, more than out of any sense of fair play, justice, or desire for material wealth.  Tolkeen will take them any way they can get them.

Organisation of Nim's Grimms

The High Mucky-Muck

Nim - Great Horned Dragon Air & Earth Warlock

First String

Maxwell Sterling - Head Hunter
Rad (Ronald Adderson) - Juicer
Chris Walker - Line Walker
Archer - Gitterboy Pilot
R.C. - Psi-Mechanic
G'lishi - Dragon Hatchling

Second String

Sam - The Sam
Joe Foreman - Mind Melter
Rick Hunter - Psi-ghost
Bronson James - Line Walker (Stealth Focus)
Darrien Shields - M.O.M./Crazy

The Strings' Recon Team

Csryfed Pentax - Aardan Tek Battle Magus
Fraislanna Caseccius - Elven Song Juicer
Raxtet Vulpis - Wolfen Zapper
Anthony Riley - RPA
Greg Mills - Borg

Monster Squad

H.F. Height: Weight:
Grandmarljin - Sphinx Techno-wizard 17 5ft tall, 10ft long w/o tail 1800lbs
Thosl - Basilisk Shifter (female) 15 8ft long head to rump +8ft tail 800lbs
Kleese - MDC Kodiak Bear 5 14ft standing upright 2200lbs
Shisen - Scarecrow Mystic Knight 15 6ft 80lbs
Gerry - Dragon Wolf Mind Melter 14 3.5ft tall, 4.5ft long w/o tail 180lbs
Daavi - Scorpion People Warrior Bio-Borg 10 8ft tall, 10ft long, 7ft tail 1200lbs
Yorgi - Vernulian RPA (female) 14 14ft long, rise up to 3/4 height 360lbs

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