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The Stories So Far

The Live Sessions

Moving Bessford

The Mystical Mesmerising Magical Moebius


Herr Germans

Out of the Whipping Snow

Not This House

S&D the C.S. S&D

"Sol An Nasci"

Things Best Done with Mittens!

An account of the event from a local...

It's Christmas Time in the Merc Camp...

Return of the Basketball from Hell

Theatre of War

Trainering     Part 1     Part 2     Part 3

Come to Spider Battle     Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4

Them Bones     Part 1     Part 2

Encampment A-427

Artefact Hunting

Meeting Nim

Meeting the Monster Squad

Intel Report

True Colours


My Shopping Buddy

On My Honour

In Lieu of Honour

Lake Phallonuraz

Report 5317: W is for Whine

Encounter the Allies: Rad (Floating in the timeline.)

Encounter the Allies: Beth (Floating in the timeline.)

My What Big Teeth

C.S. of Borg

Alternate View: G'lishi

Of Good and Evil


A Horse is a Horse

Bratsy's My Name

Ley Line Assault

Are You Alright?

Thosl's Brilliant Idea

Wolf Attack

Rendezvous in the Night


Discipline Problems

Tasked for Retrieval

Introducing George

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