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What You Need to
Give Me to Design
your Site

1) All of the text that you want to be on your site.  I cannot create your content for you but I can help you with the wording (if you want) and make sure that everything is properly indented, capitalised, and punctuated as well as grammatically correct.

2) All of the images that you want to be on your site.  Except for banners and buttons I cannot create images for your site.  You will need to send me a copy of your logo, and any pictures you want on your site.  Such images could include a picture of your company's building, or pictures of the staff, or scenery, or product shots.

3) Suggestions of how you want your page to look.  This includes what colours you want to be used, whether you want your navigation links to be across the top of the page or down the side, do you want buttons or text links, do you want borders on the page, do you want a background picture.