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Need Computer Help?

R.M.T.P. Co. provides the following services to the local area.  Said area includes all of Selkirk and it's outlying areas, as well as Cheapside, Fisherville, Nanticoke, Rainham Center, Sandusk, and areas in beteween those and Selkirk.  Special consideration may be made for Cayuga, Dunnville, Hagersville, Jarvis, Nelles Corners, and Simcoe.  For these services we will come to you to do them, no need to come to us.  Such services include:

  • New video card, sound card, printer or scanner to install? (I don't do RAM.)

  • Windows problems? We can clean-up unnecessary files, do software removal, settings re-adjustment or a complete re-install (using your own software; discs required).

  • Have a new computer to set-up software on from scratch?

  • Need help to use the Internet? (May require your software discs, may require calling your provider on your behalf and adjusting settings.)

  • Hardware not working properly?

  • Virus Removal (This requires an Internet connection which may be affected by the virus making it a long process.  Or may require system re-installation.)

Pricing is $20 Cdn. an hour (1 hour minimum).
Most jobs 1 to 2 hours.

We would like to thank you for your interest in our company, its products, and its services.  Please come again.

At R.M.T.P. Co. we are committed to preserving your privacy. As such we proudly and prominently display our privacy statement across our series of sites wherever you may need or want to pass your information on to us.